Cashews & its names

Cashew is held with great esteem in many customs and cultures. Its value can be estimated from a question that appeared on the household census in mozambique that asked whether the house owned any cashew trees. Cashew is known by many names. In Mozambique , the Maconde tribe refer to it as the "Devil's Nut". It is offered at wedding ceremonies as a token of fertility and is considered by many to have aphrodisiac properties. The cashew tree and its products are known by the following names in other parts of the world:

Common name : Cashew nuts

Botanical Name : Anacardium Occidentale

Family : Anacardiaceae

Portuguese :caju, cajueiro, pe de caju, castanha de caju, maca de caju

French  : cajou, acajou, ancardier, noix de cajou, pomme de cajou, amande de cajou

English : cashew, cashew tree, cashew nut, cashew apple, cashew kernel

Spanish :  Casa,maranon,Merey, nuez de maranon

Hindi :  kaju

Sinhalese : cadju

Italian : anacardio, noce d'anacardio, mandorlad'anacardio

Dutch : acajou, kashu ,cashewnoten

German : acajuban, kashunuss ,cashewnuss

Swahili : mkanju, korosho

Somali : bibbo, bibs

Indonesian : jambu mente, jambu mete